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Using Social Media to promote your business website

Using Social Media to promote your business website

Social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and Twitter are excellent tools for getting your message to a large global audience or more importantly a niche group of users or business contacts interested in your product or service areas.

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Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are having a major impact on the way people build business relationships and make purchasing decisions. Google is using these sites, plus review sites like TripAdviser and Qype to contribute to web site rankings.

Social media sites are the fastest growing on the web, doubling in traffic over the last year. Of all social media users, 47% say social media sites influence their purchasing decisions.

PDC is delivering a series of Internet Marketing and Social Media Training Workshops. The workshop will present you with tips and methods on how to promote your products and services, including Internet Marketing demonstrations, much of which is free and really easy to use once shown.

These are practical 'hands-on' workshops, including:

  • - The value and principles of search engine optimisation.
  • - How to use Google maps to enhance your search engine ranking.
  • - How to set up your personal pages and your company site on LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter and Skype.
  • - How to create a blog site, and how to use blogs to attract potential customers.
  • - How use Twitter to announce your ideas, know-how and products.
  • - How to add social media content to liven up your web site.
  • - Why social media make your site more successful in Google searches
  • - Why contacts made with social media are more valuable than prospect lists.
  • - Time-saving tools for creating and broadcasting social media content.
  • - How to use Google analytics, adwords and alerts to measure your success.

We guarantee that you will leave with a sound understanding of social media tools to take your business forward. We also offer tailor made courses and social media development strategies to meet your specific requirements.

Stephen Reuben said

"I recently attended a workshop at PDC. It was mind blowing! The people were great and they never fell into ‘techie speak’. They helped me to understand the power of the internet, particularly social media in marketing my business. Then they worked with me to radically change my links to the relevant social media sites within the day. The investment for the day was great value. I would recommend PDC to anyone thinking how to get the best returns from their marketing budget."

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