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Case Study


Specialised applications software

CEC represents the motor, oil, petroleum and additive industries in the development of test methods. PDC created and maintains an online test monitoring system. The new system makes it easy to capture and analyse real-time reference test data and is key to maintaining test quality. Advanced graphics and database outputs are created dynamically at the users’ request.

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specialised applications software

not everything comes straight out of the box

Many specialised or technical applications can be shared across the Internet. This can make your extranet or intranet provide direct benefit, and help to engage your user community.

Examples from PDC’s portfolio include both business and technical systems such as statistical test monitoring, order processing, calibration database and online reports archiving.

PDC’s skills and experience relate to business and engineering applications, and include:

• Software design
HTML, CSS, ASP, ASP.net, VBScript, JavaScript, PHP (and others)

• Database design
MySQL, SQLserver, SQLserver Express

• Application design
DNN, Joomla, Social Engine, WordPress, B2evolution

• Web 2.0 Technologies
Ajax, JQuery, RSS, accessibility, Twitter, Facebook and so on

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