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Featured Project

web design and development for KGP

Knibb Gormezano & Partners, international automotive management and technology consultants. KGP required a new online corporate presence, using their corporate colours we produced a clean design allowing easy navigation around the site.

web design and development

You only get one chance to make a first impression

Having produced many successful websites we have the right skills and expertise to make sure that your website leaves the right impression.

We understand that having the right image is important, but it is easy to get lost in just the design. PDC will ensure your site navigation is well structured to direct visitors to your key products and services. You will have up-to-date and dynamic content that will encourage visitors to not only stay but also return. A well-developed website with the right information will stand the best chance of being indexed by search engines.

PDC produce bespoke, creative and professional website designs enabling you to engage and interact with your future and current clients.

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